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History of Romania

513 BC - The Getae were defeated by the Persian Emperor Darius the Great.

101 - 106 AD - The Getae were defeated by the Roman Empire under Emperor Trajan and the core of their kingdom was turned into the Roman province of Dacia.

238 - 269 AD - Roman Empire was forced to reorganize a new Roman province of Dacia south of the Danube.

275 - The Romans left Dacia and Goths, who lived there until 4th century when the Huns arrived, invaded it.

4-8th century - the Avars and the Gepids ruled Transylvania.

8th century - 1018 - the territory of present day Romania belonged to the Bulgarians.

11-16th century - Transylvania was part of the Kingdom of Hungary.

1541 - Transylvania became a multi-ethnic principality under the sovereignty of the Ottoman Empire after the Battle of Mohács.

1599 - 1600 - Mihai Viteazul was the Prince of Transylvania, under his reign Transylvania, Moldavia and Wallachia were inhabited by Romanians and were united under a single rule for the first time.

1775 - North Moldavia was annexed by the Habsburg Monarchy.

1812 - East Moldavia was annexed by Russia.

1856 - Moldavia was partially returned by the Treaty of Paris after the Crimean War.

19th century - Transylvania belonged to Habsburg Monarchy and then Austro-Hungarian Empire.

1878 - Romania was recognized as an independent state by the Great Powers.

1881 - Romania became a kingdom and under the reign of King Carol I.

1914-20 Romania entered World War I on the side of the Allies Triple Entente, Central Power conquered most of the country and killed the army. Entente powers gave Transylvania to Romania by the Treaty of Trianon.

1940 - the Soviet Union occupied Northern Bukovina and Bessarabia, Hungary occupied Northern Transylvania, and Bulgaria occupied southern Dobruja. After 1940 Ion Antonescu and the Iron Guard shared the power over Romania.

1939-45 - Romania entered World War II on the side of the Axis powers.

1944 - Romania changed side and joined the Allies

1947 -  King Michael I was forced to leave the country by the Communists. Romania was proclaimed a republic but it remained under the control of the USSR until 1950s.

1989 - Nicolae Ceauşescu deepened Romania's police state and imposed a cult of personality, which led to Romanian Revolution. After Ceauşescu the National Salvation Front, led by Ion Iliescu, restored order and democratic measures.

1990-96 - Socialist parties governed Romania.

1993 - Romania applied for membership in the European Union.

2000 - Social Democrats returned to power with Iliescu.

2004 - Traian Băsescu was elected president, Romania joined the NATO.

January 1, 2007 - Romania joined the European Union.

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