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Attractions in Bucharest

The Parliament
It was formerly known as Casa Poporului and was built in Soviet-style.
It is the largest building of Bucharest and the second largest building in the world after Pentagon. It is also used for conferences and exhibitions.

Romanian Atheneum
It serves as a concert hall and belongs to the most beautiful buildings in Bucharest. Albert Galleron built it in neo-classical style at the end of the 19th century. It was built from donation and you can see Romanian rulers on its facade.

Stavropoleos Church
This an Eastern Orthodox church in central Bucharest.  The patrons of the church are St. Archangels Michael and Gabriel. Ioanichie Stratonikeas built the church in 1724, during the reign of Nicolae Mavrocordat, Prince of Wallachia (1719-1730). Its name comes from a Greek word that means "The city of the Cross". The church suffered from earthquake but it was restored in the 20th century.

The Village Museum
This is an open-air ethnographic museum located in the Herăstrău Park. It contains 272 authentic peasant farms and houses from all over Romania. The museum was created in 1936 by Dimitrie Gusti, Victor Ion Popa, and Henri H. Stahl.

Cantacuzino Palace
The palace was built by I.D.Berindei in French baroque style. Today it is known as George Enescu Museum. It was the former residence of Grigore Cantacuzino. The building can be found at 141 Calea Victoriei.

Cismigiu Gardens
These are public parks near the centre of Bucharest. The park was built in 1847 by Carl F. W. Meyer and it stretches 17 hectares.

Museum of Romanian Peasant
This is a museum with a collection of textiles, icons, ceramics, and other artefacts of Romanian peasant life. The museum includes a collection with 100,000 objects and falls under the patronage of the Romanian Ministry of Culture. It was founded in the 1930s by Alexandru Tzigara-Samurcaş and was reopened February 5, 1990.

The Old Court Church
This is the oldest church in Bucharest. It was built from 1558 to 1591 during the reign of Mircea Ciobanul in the Wallachian architectural style. The church was the coronation place of Wallachian princes between the 16th and 19th century.

The Old Court
It lies in the centre of Bucharest and it was built during the rule of Vlad III Dracula in the 15th century. In the 16th century Mircea Ciobanul rebuilt it completely and afterward it became the nucleus of the Bucharest, being surrounded by the houses of traders and craftsmen.
The palace and its neighbourhood inspired Mateiu Caragiale to write his novel Craii de Curtea-Veche.

Manuc's Inn
It is the oldest operating hotel in Bucharest. The building is located at 62 Iuliu Maniu Street, across the street from the ruins of the Old Court. The inn was built in 1808, and owned by a wealthy and flamboyant Manuc-bei.

Romanian Savings Bank or CEC Building
This bank was built in eclectic style by Paul Gottereau. This was the only bank that was allowed to do business during communism.

National Theatre
This was built in 1852 and became a national institution in 1864. The theatre was named as the National Theatre in 1875 by the Romanian Ministry of Culture. The current National Theatre is located about half a kilometre away from the old site, south of the Hotel Intercontinental at University Square and has been in use since 1973.
It forms part of a complex that also includes the Romanian National Operetta, an art gallery and exhibition space, and several of the city's most prominent bars, including the massive rooftop terrace La Motoare.

Central University Library
It is located next to the National Museum of Art of Romania. It was built by King Carol I of Romania and designed by Paul Gottereau. It was completed in 1893 and opened on 14 March 1895. On 12 July 1948, the Library of the University Foundation became the Central Library of the University of Bucharest.

Antim Monastery
It was built between 1713 and 1715 by Saint Antim Ivireanu, the bishop of Wallachia.
The buildings were restored by Patriarch Justinian Marina in the 1950s. The monastery also hosts a museum with religious objects about the life of Antim Ivireanu.

Calea Victoriei
This is the major avenue in Bucharest. Several famous building can be found along the avenue such as George Enescu Museum, Museum of Art Collections, Romanian Athenaeum, National Museum of Art of Romania, The library of the University of Bucharest, Odeon Theatre, Bucharest Financial Plaza, National Museum of History of Romania.

The Union Square
This is one of the largest squares in Bucharest. It was built in the Communist era as the Boulevard of the Victory of Socialism and renamed after the Romanian Revolution of 1989. It is a significant transport hub as well. The Unirea Shopping Centre can be found on the east side of the square.

Domnita Balasa Church
It can be found around Union Square. The church was stricken by earthquakes and floods that is the reason why it had to be repaired in 1940 and later in 1977. This is one of the most popular wedding places in Bucharest.

The Triumphal Arch
The arch is located in the northern part of Bucharest, on the Kiseleff Road. The current arch has a height of 27 meters and was erected to commemorate the creation of Greater Romania which took place in 1918.

New Saint Gheorghe Church
The church was built from1705 to 1706 and currently it is famous for the tomb of Constantin Brancoveanu who was the Prince of Wallachia between 1689 and 1714.

The National Bank of Romania
This is the central bank of Romania and was established in 1880. It was built in neo-classical style by Ion Davidescu, Radu Dudescu and N. Creţoiu.

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